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Review of methods for the estimation of greenhouse gas emissions from diffuse sources associated with unconventional gas fields

Hugh Saddler, 2013

Prepared for the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency by Hugh Saddler and Kait Gothan, August 2013

About this review

pitt&sherry was commissioned by the Department to undertake a literature review of methodologies that may be used to determine fugitive emissions from diffuse sources associated with coal seam gas (CSG) and other unconventional gas fields, and to assess the potential for these methodologies to be used for regulatory perspective in Australia. The review explicitly excludes emissions from all categories of point sources, such as gas production and processing equipment, which are already included in the current National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Measurement) Determination 2008.

This paper examines methodologies for quantifying diffuse emissions from unconventional gas fields, assessing the available measurement techniques for accuracy, practicality and maturity. The objective is to determine which methods, if any, are suitable for use by regulators in Australia and, in particular, suitable for inclusion in the NGER (Measurement) Determination.

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