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Being Climate Active with Carbon Neutral Certification

Carbon neutral certification against the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard (the Standard) provides a credible stamp showing that an organisation, product, service, event, precinct or building, has met all the requirements of the Standard. Standards for organisations, products and services, events, precincts and buildings can be found at our Publications and resources page.

To achieve carbon neutral certification, entities must measure emissions, reduce these where possible, offset remaining emissions and publicly report on their carbon neutrality.

Certification allows for the use of the Climate Active carbon neutral certification trade mark, which can be used to showcase carbon neutral status and climate leadership.

The benefits of carbon neutral certification

Carbon neutral certification can result in a range of benefits for organisations and businesses taking the lead in moving towards a low carbon economy.

  • Increased customer recognition
  • A new competitive edge
  • Enhanced corporate social responsibility
  • Positive social and environmental outcomes
  • Improved employee engagement and community connection
  • Energy and cost savings
  • Networking opportunities with other certified entities.

Certification steps

Guidance documents are available for the Climate Active certification process.

Register of Consultants

Registered Consultants with relevant expertise help streamline carbon neutral applications and reporting.