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Australia's emissions projections 2014-15

Department of the Environment, 2015

About this document

Australia's emissions projections 2014‑15 explained how Australia's abatement task changed since Australia's Abatement Task and 2013 Emissions Projections. The 2014‑15 report indicated the amount of emissions reductions required to achieve Australia's 2020 target of 5 per cent below 2000 levels was less than previous estimates.

Australia's emissions projections 2014‑15 estimated Australia's cumulative abatement task to 2020 at 236 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (Mt CO2-e).

This has fallen from the 421 Mt CO2-e estimated in Australia's Abatement Task and 2013 Emissions Projections (released in December 2013).

Sector reports

These sector reports provide supplementary information to Australia's emissions projections 2014-15. They provide details on the emissions projected for each sector to 2034-35, including a breakdown of emissions and their drivers as well as sensitivity analyses.

Consultant reports

The Department of the Environment commissioned consultants to produce reports to inform the Department's 2014-15 emissions projections.

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