Industry Digital Economy

It is difficult to measure both how firms adopt and use digital technologies, and the impact digital technologies have on both firm performance and the economy in general.

The indicators on this page provide a snapshot of how connected Australian businesses are with the online web. The indicators have been drawn from the ABS Business Characteristics Survey (BCS).

The ABS defines key indicators of business use of IT to include: internet access, web presence, social media presence and internet commerce (that is, orders placed and received via the internet).

The ABS defines social media presence to include web and mobile-based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organisations, communities and individuals. Businesses with a web presence is defined as those with a website, homepage or other web presence (excluding those listed solely as part of an online listing).

Internet income is defined as income resulting from goods and services ordered over the internet. As part of the BCS, businesses that received orders via the internet are asked about the proportion of goods and services income resulting from those orders.