Program Analytics Tool

The Program Analytics Tool provides insights into the characteristics of firms assisted by the department.

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science assists a diverse range of firms across its programs to facilitate the growth and productivity of globally competitive industries. The Program Analytics Tool (PAT) distils large volumes of administrative data into interactive charts and tables which display program participant characteristics. The characteristics in the PAT include the size, industry, and age of participating firms; and the value of their exports. Future releases of the PAT will also include data on the performance of program participants.

The PAT aims to help policy makers take advantage of existing administrative data to inform decisions on designing future programs to assist Australian businesses. The PAT also increases the accessibility and transparency of departmental programs by making more data insights available to a wider audience. Development of the PAT has been funded by the Economic Data Analysis Network (EDAN). EDAN is one of five analytical hubs under the Data Integration Partnership for Australia (DIPA) initiative. DIPA is an investment to maximise the use and value of the Government’s data assets.