Solar 4 RVs

"Our key driver is to maintain sector leadership by being at the forefront of digital and solar technology."

Trish Chapallaz


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TRISH CHAPALLAZ:  I'm Trish Chapallaz, and my husband, Phil, and I own Solar 4 RVs. Solar 4 RVs provides advice and support and solar products for caravans, boats and anything that moves.

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TRISH CHAPALLAZ:  Our business started when we bought a caravan in 2013 and we couldn't find solar for mobile applications so we decided to start a business providing products for that.

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TRISH CHAPALLAZ:  Most of our customer base is online. We distribute all over Australia and New Zealand and some other Pacific islands, so being online is really important for us.

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TRISH CHAPALLAZ:   Before we went digital, we had a very basic accounting package, and very quickly we identified that as we grew, it just wasn't going to be what we needed any more. So we had to take some time to decide what we were choosing before we actually rushed in and did it.

We have an e-commerce website now, which is an online shop. So that people can very easily purchase their products. They can just look at what's available and choose themselves.

The other thing that's really important for us is social media. It's a really important avenue for us to be able to connect with our customers and provide that personal interaction, and it just keeps us connected with our customer base and new customers that are coming along.

Because there's a lot of competition now, I really see that Solar 4 RVs needs to stay at the top end of what we're doing. And the way we maintain that leadership is to stay at the forefront of technology. Whether that's digital technology or solar technology.

I think having things automated, and not having to do things manually, has just opened up time for us to look at developments for the business. And rather than focusing on the manual task, we're able to allocate time to other things, to new products and thinking about other things and expanding the business and growing the business. Just don't give up, don't give up. It is so worth it in the end.

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